How would you feel if you were locked out of your child’s world?

And they were locked out of the whole world?

This is autism. 

The Toby Henderson Trust (TTHT) is an independently funded charity focused on early intervention in autism. Our experienced and expert team work with autistic children from as young as 2 years old up to 18. Our early intervention approach progressively improves communication between the autistic child, their families and the world that they live in. 

An early start with children aged 2-7 can open the door of communication and dramatically improve the whole life of the child as well as the family and carers who also must live with the condition. The Trust has demonstrated that early intervention can also open the door to independent living when our children become adults.

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The frustration and fear experienced by an autistic child significantly impacts on the lives of parents and carers, often generating high levels of exhaustion and often despair.  So practical support and understanding is vital if families are to be able to cope and this is at the heart of everything The Toby Henderson Trust team does.

For autistic children early intervention can dramatically reduce both the fear and frustration while also opening up the possibility of being able to live fuller lives in the community when they get older.  This can give an autistic young adult independence while also significantly reducing the cost of care.

So the work of the Toby Henderson Trust can result in more freedom for the person suffering from autism, less pressure for the parents and carers and enormous longterm savings around the cost of care.

Even though the Toby Henderson Trust delivers so many benefits to children, families, community and government we are reliant on charitable donations and the support of our regional community.

There are over 500 young people in Northumberland whose quality of life is affected by autism.  Please help support us so we can provide vital support for the children, families and carers who have to live with autism every day of their lives.

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