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The Toby Henderson Trust (TTHT) is an independently funded charity supporting children and young adults with autism, their families, and carers in the North East.

We are the one and only charity in the North East focused on post-diagnostic support and life-changing early intervention with autistic children and young people.

Our diverse range of services include:

Our service users tell us that what we do really works!

They helped my child communicate with me for the first time. They helped give my child a voice. This was a massive positive in a very dark time. We felt there was light at the end of a very dark tunnel!


The Toby Henderson Trust has been and continues to be, a lifeline of support for me and my son. When my son was first diagnosed he could not talk, was completely lost and I felt totally helpless. The Toby Henderson Trust was there to help when no one else could. Imagine my amazement and utter joy when in one of his first sessions, my lovely Joe actually said his first ever word.

Cheryl, Mum to Joe.

Speaking to people who have specialist knowledge (along with expert insight) was like a breath of fresh air to us. In this 2 hour meeting, we received more support and information than we had received in all the previous 7 years. Following our second session with Lesley and Victoria, we feel like we are in a totally different place. We understand that there will be difficult times but we have a better knowledge and understanding of Isaac’s condition and more importantly we now have a hope and belief that life will get a little easier for us and we are not failing as parents.

Anderley, Mum to Isaac.

We are independently funded. That means that we rely on the goodwill and support of everyone who donates their time, money and the resources that allow us to continue changing the lives of the families living with autism.

If you would like to talk to us about how we might be able to help your family, please call us today on 0300 365 3055 or email us at support@ttht.co.uk.

The Toby Henderson Trust is a registered charity. Our registered charity number is 1149952.