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Get your very own cuddly mini-George!

A message for all of my favourite little hoomans

Did you know it was my birthday on June 1st? I’m now nine, and Mam says I’m just as old as her, but I can’t count how old that is coz she’s really old. (But she was never very good at Maths either, I know that).

So, it’s like this. I’ve been worried about you. Yes, all of you. Things are pretty strange right now aren’t they not coming to Toby House to see me! (Of course, the girls in Team Toby think you come to see them, but I don’t say anything about that coz I don’t want to upset them right now.)

I’ve had this plan to help keep you safe and cheer you up whilst we can’t all be together. (And even more genius – it’s going to help the charity I work for.

For my birthday, I had a hundred of the cutest little George puppies delivered. They all look just like me when I was a baby! They’re all called George, and they’ve got their own little blue collar with a “George” name tag on. They’ve got their very own birth certificate too!

The cuddly puppies are 16 cm tall, proper puppy sized. But don’t give them to hooman puppies because they’re made for hoomans who are at least 12 months old. Don’t want any babies teething on the puppies’ noses!

A baby George costs just £9.99. The Toby Henderson Trust will get half of that to help them in these difficult times when they are losing a lot of pennies. If you want baby George to be delivered to you at home (so you get him super fast) then postage and packaging costs an extra £2.50.

If you want to get your very own little George to look after you, please get your Mam or Dad to send an email to

They are all so cute. I’m one very proud Daddy!