How We Can Help

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If you have a child who is on the autistic spectrum or you have an autistic child in your extended family you will have had to recalibrate many different aspects of your life to accommodate their needs. You will also have had to manage your own anxiety and frustration when even the simplest things can become crushingly complex.

The Toby Henderson Trust team are specialists in working with autistic children and realise the need to work with and help the child in parallel with the parents, family and carers.

Our early intervention activities with young children directly involve parents and carers. You will be able to discreetly observe the work that we do with your children so that you can see how you can follow through.

Family advice and support.

We endeavour to offer support wherever we can. Advice, information and signposting are an inherent part of our role.

Sometimes you need to be heard, understood and not judged. We have a depth of a personal and professional experience to offer, which has grown over many years. We don’t have a “magic wand” but we will always try to help wherever we can.

By searching and finding us here today, you have taken the first step to feeling supported. “Every journey has a first step and every adventure has a beginning”.

Early Intervention

We specialise in early intervention and our flagship Intensive Interaction Service has now been running for over 15 years. In a uniquely designed environment which is totally distraction free, your child will be approached completely as an individual with their own specific needs.  Our experienced and expert team have a proven track record of success in giving autistic children communication skills which can significantly reduce the frustration of the child. In our distraction free playrooms, we exclusively create and run specialist developmental activities which stimulate communication (both verbal and social) between isolated autistic children and the world in which they live.

In our 2014 Evaluation of Services, 93% of families rated the support they receive from us as “excellent”. Our time spent in the playrooms with the children can open the door to a huge improvement in quality of life for both the child and the family. Whilst with us, parents and carers are actively encouraged to be involved in the child’s development. The approaches, systems and processes learned by them from observation of our staff and our interaction with their child can transform family life.

These sessions are offered on a weekly basis at a nominal contribution of £5. Anyone can refer into the service. The process entails making an appointment to come along to the centre for a visit with our Project Director to discuss your families’ individual needs, and registering with the Trust (for a £25 annual fee). This is followed by an initial appointment with a senior member of our team to explore and discover more about your child.