Toby House

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THT_build_toby_house_logoTOBY  HOUSE

To meet the demand for help in Northumberland and maintain the quality of our work we have had to move to larger and more cost effective premises.

Our old building was just not fit for purpose; no public transport, children having to go upstairs cold in winter  and no outside space. Last years service user survey rated our services as overwhelmingly ‘excellent’ by parents but our facilities received very low ratings.

So March 2016 we moved and as any family will tell you moving has cost implications. At Earth Balance, Bedlington our new well insulated building has outside space and is accessible by public transport.  Best of all the children’s facilities are all on the ground floor. Absolute heaven!

Negotiating the lease with Earth Balance took a while however, DAC Beachcroft LLP supported us all the way pro bono.  We needed Early Intervention Centre Doorsextensive building works to create the facilities we needed and this was done at cost by SURGO Construction without whom we could not have moved. Ravensworth Digital Services provided us with signage for the new building and all our new stationary free of charge as part of their very generous longstanding support. The Lloyds TSB provided us with an army of volunteers to paint the inside of the building. Multi Packaging Solutions gave us additional painting support as well as providing all the transport to get everything moved to the new building, all free of charge. An independent data wiring specialist Michael Screen provided all the new internal data wiring at significantly reduced cost. SOS Communications are providing support for our phone system at cost and have given us FOC a very grown up photocopier.  Even the provider of our specialist flooring Blo-op moved and adapted our play room floors free of charge. These are just some of the many companies, interested individuals, parents and carers who have given us the support that has made the new building possible.  To all of them Lesley and the Toby Henderson Trust team would like to say a very big thank you.

But the work continues.  The reality is that we have only just begun to maximise the benefit of the new building.  We still have to fund a number of capital projects and we are Group Roomnow seeking to find vital sponsorship that will enable us to employ more specialists and in doing so double the number of children who can benefit from life changing early intervention.

If you feel you can help us in any way we would happily give you a preview of the new building and find a way to appropriately acknowledge your kindness.  Your support will help us support  young autistic children with specialist help that can often lead to a significant degree of independent living in later life.


There are over 500 young people in Northumberland whose quality of life is affected by autism.

Please help support us so we can provide vital support for the children, families and carers who have to live with autism every day of their lives.