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Sleep Workshop

“If only could get some sleep! Then I could deal with everything else!”

At The Toby Henderson Trust we hear parents say this so often. We know how much poor sleep can affect everything!

That’s why we’ve created a workshop that will give you a better understanding of your child or young person’s sleep issues, along with recommendations and strategies to help you to resolve them.

The workshop will cover:

  • What sleep problems are.
  • How much sleep we need versus how much we actually get!
  • The impact our sleeping environment has on our sleep.
  • Understanding your child or young person’s sleep problem.
  • Strategies to help promote better sleep.

Our sleep workshop was created – and will be presented – by Julie Curtis, whose 37 years professional experience in autism and LD make her a leader in her specialist nursing field. Julie has been a registered nurse since 1983 and her regional and national profile is unrivalled in her profession. Julie has worked in partnership with TTHT since we opened at The Old Barn in 2001. We are proud to that she has joined our team of expert clinicians to strengthen and widen the trust’s skill base.

The workshop will take place on Friday 24 November, from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon.

The prices are:

  • Registered families: £5
  • Non-registered families: £10
  • Professionals: £30

To book your place, please e-mail or call the centre on 0300 365 3055.