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Four-Week Sleep Programme

Does your child experience difficulties with going to sleep? Staying asleep? Then our sleep programme is for you! 

About the Sleep Programme

This effective and practical four-week course will address and manage challenging sleep-related behaviour and help you to promote better sleep for your child or young person with ASD.

The programme will be very individualised, focusing on your own child or young person’s sleep issues and working with you to try and resolve them.

This sleep programme was independently evaluated by the Social Policy and Research Unit of York University when it was originally rolled out at The Toby Henderson Trust’s old Whitehouse Farm location.

The Sleep Programme was created – and will be presented – by Julie Curtis, whose 37 years professional experience in autism and LD make her a leader in her specialist nursing field.

Julie has been a registered nurse since 1983 and her regional and national profile is unrivalled in her profession. Julie has worked in partnership with TTHT since we opened at The Old Barn in 2001. We are proud to announce that she is joining our team of expert clinicians to strengthen and widen the skill base of our team.

Course Contents

Week 1

  • What is a sleep problem?
  • How much sleep do we need?
  • Identifying sleep difficulties using sleep diaries and using sleep behaviour logs.
  • What are reinforcement and motivators?

Week 2

  • Behaviour and communication. How we communicate.
  • Identifying how your child communicates.
  • Sensory needs.
  • Impact of the bedroom environment on sleep difficulties.

We will be joined in this session by our Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist.

Week 3

  • Reviewing sleep diaries.
  • Reviewing sleep behaviour logs.Reviewing the impact of your child’s bedroom environment.
  • Reviewing your child’s communication.
  • Reviewing “my motivators.”
  • Bedtime routines.
  • Using visual schedules and timetables to support communication.

Week 4

  • Exploring past and current management strategies for sleep difficulties.
  • Behaviour management of sleep difficulties.
  • Medication.
  • Positive behaviour support to manage sleep difficulties.

Course Dates

  • Friday 6 October
  • Friday 13 October
  • Friday 20 October
  • Friday 3 November

Sessions will take place at Toby House from 9.30am to 12.30

Book your place

Please bear in mind that there are only six places available on the programme.

Please call 0300 365 3055 or email to reserve your place.

In addition to the course, optional individual sessions can be offered to support home management of sleep difficulties. This is charged at an hourly rate.