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Monthly PECS and Using Visual Aids Support Group

Monday 12th April 9.30am-10.30am

You are invited to join us for our monthly Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and using visual aids support group via Zoom on Monday 12th April 9.30am-10.30am. This support group is open to family members who have a child or young adult with or awaiting a diagnosis of autism. Whether you are well established or just starting your journey with PECS or the use of visual aids, our experienced staff members are on hand to provide practical support and advice.

What families have said about this support group:

The Toby staff suggested a virtual group. At first, I felt nervous about attending but was desperate to know more about how we could support my son. Lynda and Alice are so knowledgeable and have provided us with so much support, so many ideas and kept up the positivity through all of the ups and downs. However obscure the request they helped us think through our particular issues and how we could work on them. Being able to have an opportunity to touch base with Lynda and Alice and build on our skills to help my son has been a huge support to all of our family. We have attended the support group since the first lockdown and have covered topics from using visual aids to help our child keep his clothes on when he needs to, to helping him learn to use a potty then progress to the toilet. The group also provided the opportunity to hear ideas and suggestions from other parents which is also useful in thinking through similar issues we have had. I think that Lynda and Alice have been amazing in running a group but also making it feel so personalised to our situations. Having the resources emailed after the group is such a relief that you don’t need to spend hours trawling through the internet looking for ideas of things that may or may not work. It means that we have been able to spend more time actually doing the activities with my son. Thanks so much.

Monthly Using Visual Aids & PECS support group parent attendee

If you would like to attend then please clearly outlining that you would like to attend this support group and outline the age of child and we will then send a Zoom link so you can access the session.