Toby’s Trail: Children’s Sponsored Walk

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Toby’s Trail: Children’s Sponsored Walk

Join us for a children’s sponsored one-mile walk on World Autism Awareness week!

world autism awareness day By P.newhart - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, It’s World Autism Awareness Week on 26th March – 2nd April 2018! To celebrate, we would love all of our families and friends to join us for a children’s sponsored walk on Saturday 31st March from 11am – 2pm at Toby House.

Ask your children, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and your friends’ children to take part in Toby’s Trail. Collect sponsors to complete a mile long walk around the Earth Balance site. This will help to raise some much needed funds to continue the work we do here at The Toby Henderson Trust.

The trail starts at 11am. You can take as long as you want to do it and there will be some clues to collect along the way. Take in all of the wonderful surroundings at Earth Balance. Then, once you have completed Toby’s Trail, there will be refreshments available for you to enjoy at Toby House. We’ll have a little prize for the children taking part too!

Come along and enjoy a lovely family day out with us!

If you and your family would like to take part please contact Lynda at to register your interest and to receive your sponsorship forms.

Things To Keep In Mind On Your Walk

  • Please follow the signposted route throughout the trail. There will be TTHT volunteers along the route and signs to show you the way. Please do not stray onto other areas and other pathways. We do not have permission to enter these areas and it will be seen as trespassing.
  • Please do not feed the horses or other animals on the route. But feel free to say hello along the way.
  • You, the participating adult(s), are wholly responsible for your child at all times. Please be aware that there are some areas of the walk that may need extra care. For example, the the bridge which may be slippery when wet. The path does get close to the railway lines and bunkers. Please keep clear!
  • Appropriate footwear is recommended as some areas can become a little boggy and soggy underfoot. Wellies or other outdoor footwear will be needed, especially after lots of rain.
  • Please don’t pick the flowers or other foliage along the route. We quite like it all the way it is.
  • At the far side of the walk is the ‘Proton Beam Therapy Centre’ building site. Do not enter! There will be numerous work vehicles and equipment which can be extremely dangerous.
  • Some parts of the walk are public footpaths and are used by dog walkers and members of the public. If you bring a dog, please, PLEASE clean up after it and keep it on a lead at all times!
  • There are various sites along the way that you will be able to take the time to explore but this is done at your own risk (as per the signed disclaimer). TTHT accepts no responsibility for personal injury along the route of the sponsored walk.
  • The route crosses public highways. All participants must adhere to the Highway Code.
  • TTHT may take photographs of the event and use them in publicity material including on its website. If you do not want your photograph to be used, please contact a member of the TTHT team.
  • TTHT reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the format of Toby’s Trail where this may become necessary due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • Hot dogs and snacks will be on sale back at Toby House. Come back and hand in your completed Toby’s Trail finder and your child will be rewarded with a small prize and a certificate for taking part.