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Food Glorious Food Webinar

Thursday 27th May 2021 18:00pm-20:00pm

We are pleased to invite you to our free Food Glorious Food webinar via Zoom with Julie Curtis, our specialist ASD nurse practitioner who will be joining us on Thursday 27th May 6pm-8pm.

Eating, food and mealtimes can be a one of the most stressful everyday situations that both children and parents have to deal with. Many children with autism spectrum disorder can have somewhat “different” ideas about what they consider acceptable food to eat and are ultimately in control of what they will or won’t eat.

In this webinar/workshop we will be exploring some of the eating and food situations that challenge parents and children alike.We will also look at a number of strategies to help both parents and children get through mealtimes, cope with persistent snacking, introduce new foods, food jagging and linking. We will also explore how sensory sensitivities play a part in our acceptance or rejection of food as well as discussing some very specific issues such as pica. Consideration is also given to eating outside of the home with a specific focus on eating in school.

Finally we will give you a list of things to start trying at home in your first steps to understanding and working with your child to make mealtimes, eating and food a much more pleasurable experience for all.

*PLEASE NOTE that due to the funding we received to run these events, it is only for families, not professionals*.

To register for this event please email clearly outlining that you would like to be attend this webinar and include the following information:

1. Your Postcode
2. Age of child
3. Does your child attend mainstream or specialist provision
4. One question for submission

*The window to book a place on this webinar will close 2 days before the event*.