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Social Stories Workshop

An introduction to Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations

What are Social Stories?

Social Stories are an effective tool to address isvisual-timetable-schedule-autism-social-storysues of social misunderstanding and confusion. They inform, reassure, support and praise children who often struggle to make sense of the world around them. They can help increase social understanding. Not just for the person with autism, but also for the person writing the story. Writing a social story is a chance to see the world through the eyes of someone with ASD.

What are Comic Strip Conversations?

Comic Strip Conversations represent conversations in a visual way. They can show the things that are said in an interaction, how others may feel and what intentions people may have. They can help with, understanding concepts, planning for situations in the future which may be causing anxiety or concern, giving an explanation about an event or situation.

What Does The Workshop Cover?

  • social story example about people being sadfast food social storyWhat are Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations?
  • What they are used for.
  • How the two can be effectively constructed.
  • Examples of good Social Stories and a Comic Strip Conversations.
  • An opportunity for you to create a Social Story and/or practise doing a
    Comic Strip Conversation.

What Does it Cost?:

  • Registered families £5
  • Non-registered families £10
  • Professionals £30

To book your places, please contact Lynda Richardson on 0300 365 3055 or email