Social Communication Groups

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Our social communication groups are to support social interaction and communication

  • To improve children’s ability to recognise and respond appropriately to communication, improve friendships and turn taking/sharing and time.
  • To improve social communication skills of children in order to develop better conversational skills and interactional skills.
  • To improve communicative and general behaviour in social settings through learning and recognising appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in different settings.

Our groups are to help and support –

  • Children who struggle to communicate appropriately with others.
  • Children who don’t understand social rules that are applied in different situations.
  • Children who have difficulty making and sustaining friendships.
  • Children who don’t recognise their own or body language and emotions in others.
  • Children who don’t speak to other peers or adults and plays alone.

We hope to achieve this in an enjoyable and engaging setting with a range of activities suitable for the children’s age and needs. Activities will be carried out in a small group setting across a one hour session.