Two point Six challenge 2020

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As you can imagine, all over the world, charities’ incomes have been affected by the Coronavirus and the way it has severely impacted their ability to raise funds on an ongoing basis.

This has certainly affected us at The Toby Henderson Trust.

So we wanted to ask you all to take part in an exciting new initiative set up by the organisations behind some of the biggest mass-participation sports events in the UK. They’ve come together to create a new campaign to save the UK’s charities by helping them to replace the income they’ve lost due to the cancellation of the London Marathon.

They’ve come up with a brilliant way for communities to support the UK charities close to their hearts. It’s called the #twopointsixchallenge, and it’s based on the 26 miles of the London Marathon. It launches today and goes live on April 26.

Of course, we have lots of ideas about how you can join in and raise some cash for TTHT!

One of our biggest (and, we must admit, favourite) ideas was inspired by the hugely popular ice bucket challenge and its amazing “pay it forward” element. Want to take part? There are two cool (actually really, really cold) ways to do it: a) sit in an icy cold pool or bath for 26 seconds (ice cubes mandatory) or b) be hosed down with freezing cold water for 26 seconds. When you’ve completed your challenge, you then nominate three valiant friends to do the same!

Thank you for your support

Thank you so much to our wonderful supporters who have completed the 2.6 challenge in aid of The Toby Henderson Trust. So far £1626 has been raised and we know some people are continuing their challenges across 26 days to raise as much funds as possible. There’s still time for you join in the “fun” and raise money for us.

Leyton from our Moons group did 26 star jumps for his 2.6 challenge. Well done Leyton! *PARENTAL CONSENT WAS GIVEN TO PUBLISH THIS VIDEO*