Health Professionals Feedback

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Health Professionals Feedback

Our Regional Pervasive Developmental Disorders Service now regularly recommends families to contact the Toby Henderson Trust, both in terms of leading specialist support and access to training opportunities for themselves, their families and community-based staff working with their children. There is always pressure on specialist independent service providers both in terms of funding and how best to work with statutory agencies. However, in recent years our team has found the professionalism of staff working within the trust a great additional resource to meet the needs of families with children with an SD living in the North East.

Ann Le Couteur – Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
Linda Dixon – Specialist Teacher.

I have been aware of the work of the Toby Henderson Trust for over 10 years. During this time it has continued to work with very many children with ASD and their families, providing a lifeline without which families would have found it difficult, sometimes impossible, to cope. Toby Henderson Trust provides skills that are not available elsewhere. Much-needed help is not provided by the statutory sector – for example, 0T advice for children with ASD and sensory issues. The range of activities is wide including a group for preschoolers, playschemes for school age, a monthly group for adolescents, advice, and outreach, art therapy, training and more. Given the meager budget that Toby Henderson Trust manages with it is frankly astonishing what they are able to do. As a local pediatrician with a special interest in ASD, involved in diagnosis and some follow-up, I have heard countless testimonials from parents who value the work of the Toby Henderson Trust. The staff of Toby Henderson trust provides an immense benefit to the people of Northumberland, notably families with children with ASD, and their friends. I understand the financial integrity to be excellent and the finances are supported independently.

Mark Bagott MBBS, DTCH, MRCPCH Consultant Paediatrician GMC GMC 3121 300.

We were all very impressed, not only by the range and inclusion of your services, but also by the evident dedication and enthusiasm of all the trusts staff.

Hayley Cooper and Steve Hewitt – Gateshead Child and Family Unit On behalf of the Gateshead ASD Coordinating Group.

We were all really impressed with the facilities and the services you provide. It was really helpful to us to see at first hand, having heard such a lot about it from others. We all very much look forward to meeting you again in the course of our work.

Sheila Crawford – Volunteers Coordinator.
Christina Richardson – HELP! Family support Officer.
Nicola Moxon – Regional Officer for the National Autistic Society.

This is my own personal view albeit based on my experiences professionally working with you, other staff at the Toby Henderson trust and predominantly with children and families and other professionals within Northumberland I thought I would summarise some of the main experiences and qualities of your service.

Individuals quality of life and their families.
The fundamental aim all of our work is to improve and enhance the quality of the children and families quality of life whom we work for. I think the trust works towards supporting families to help them have lives that are a much better quality of themselves and their children.

ASD context.
Through our work liaising with staff from the local Daine database in Northumberland, there are many young people and families experiencing and challenged by autism spectrum disorders in Northumberland. I am aware that while the trust caters for families and support them in Northumberland that the trust has an ever wider brief and that you offer to support families out with Northumberland too. However, in relation to the support that you give there is a definite demand in those actual numbers and in relation to parent and carers and young people who require and seek services such as the Toby Henderson Trust provides.

Providing choice and flexibility.
From my own experiences working as a consultant clinical psychologist within a former child and adolescent learning disability team, with a high percentage of cases experience saying autism spectrum disorders as while or as other comorbid conditions that both choice and flexibility are important factors to families. I work with families with children with some of the most severe comorbid difficulties a family could be challenged with. For families experiencing significant learning disabilities, challenging behaviors and autism both choice and flexibility in support is crucial for them. Many of these families have to access your service and valued them.

Joanne Nelson – Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

I work as a Locum Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Monkwearmouth Hospital, Sunderland. Over the last year, I have been referring my patients for assessment and post-diagnostic work to The Toby Henderson trust and have met with Ms Lesley Henderson and the Staff on many occasions.
They produce very reliable high quality work that is very valuable in helping our service and also the children and families. They are very professional and the families have given me excellent feedback on the help they have received from the Toby Henderson Trust. I also value their input very much during the diagnostic process.

Dr Kurinji – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.