The Team

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The Team






Lesley Henderson (and George)


Project Director and Trust Founder (and George our house dog)



Victoria Broady



Director of Care Services



Lynda Richardson



ASD Service Manager



Sheila Davies



Family Liaison and Mentor Support



Alice Urwin



Early Intervention Playworker



Fiona Richards



Early Intervention Playworker 



Emma Anderson



Early Intervention Playworker



Sam Carney



Family Support Worker



Jackie Frier


Administration Assistant




Rachel McManus


Senior Specialist Occupational Therapist and Diagnostic Clinician



Sophie Donaldson


Occupational Therapist



Anna Knight



Specialist Behavioural and Speech and Language Therapist and Diagnostic Clinician


Julie Curtis



Specialist ASD Nurse Consultant and Diagnostic Clinician


Toni Brown




Sue McMullen



ASD Nurse Consultant and diagnostic clinician 


Fiona Johnstone




Specialist Speech and Language Therapist


Chenai Godzongi


Autism Hub Service Manager



Alison Smith

Caitlin Belisle

Tyler Wright

Nicole Iley

Lois Hetherington

Jay Brunton

Tarnia Gibson

Kaitlyn Priest

Keira Richardson

Julie Cota



Domestic Volunteer

Jasmine Richardson





Dance and Movement Psychotherapist

Faye Green





Student Placement

Holly Chadwick

Ashleigh Suggate




Our current Psychotherapists are:

Carolyn Morgan



Specialist Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist


Graham Ord




Psychotherapeutic Counsellor


Jo Walton




Trainee Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor


Nicola Airey



Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



Emma Milani



Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



Jenny Morris



Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



Claire Wallis



Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



Amy Robson


Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor




Anna Kershaw



Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



Mary Sundin

Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor