Service User Testimonials

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Service User Testimonials

Feedback from our survey of service users:

Our little boy was virtually non-verbal at his first session. He gained speech, confidence and made astounding progress.

It’s the best service we have EVER experienced to do with autism. I can’t rate them highly enough.

Our son couldn’t speak. 2 years later and hours and hours of therapy, he could ask for food, name colours, numbers and all his alphabet.

You could not measure the impact! Life changing.

For the first time my son was able to join a group of peers in out of school activities and form ‘friendships’.

Prior to making contact with the trust we had no support at all. This made a massive Impact on us as a family and was invaluable. I do not know where we would be now without their help.

My son is learning life skills through play and I have someone to talk to who understands what we’re going through.

They helped my child communicate with me for the first time. They helped give my child a voice. This was a massive positive in a very dark time. We felt there was light at the end of a very dark tunnel!

There is help at hand and someone there who fully understands. The first and only resource that the NHS refers to. Wish you were funded!

Our son’s communication and understanding is so much better. The support for the families is 100%. Information and different strategies to help with everyday life are always supported by the trust. The staff are fantastic and always there for you.

Examples of general feedback from service users:

Thank you to everyone at Toby Henderson Trust for all your amazing help and support over the last 9 months. Louis loves coming to Toby Henderson Trust and both Victoria and Carolyn are fond favourites of his and you have to be pretty special to make that category, believe me. From a personal point of view Toby Henderson Trust has been invaluable – its the only place so far I’ve found out any information about living with autism, and what help and support is out there. I’ve met some lovely parents and they probably don’t realise it but their sharing of experiences has helped me greatly.

We really appreciate all that you do for Adam. We send him to a variety of clubs and groups to help his social skills, but yours is the only one he can really relax at. He obviously feels happy and accepted at the group and comes home a different child. Thank you!