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There are a number of topics that we get asked about all the time.  These include: 

  • Autism and Mental Health
  • Food issues
  • Social Stories
  • Toileting
  • Sensory issues
  • Managing Meltdowns
  • Visual Aids
  • Sleep  –   to name just a few.

At the Toby Henderson Trust, we have an ongoing programme of FREE webinars available to all families that cover many of these topics.  If you are looking for some answers or support, take a look at our webinar pages (under Events & Training).

Autism Alert Card

We have designed an autism alert card for families to help autistic individuals communicate their needs and preferences to others in a clear and concise way.  This card can be a discreet way for you to let people know that your child is autistic and may benefit from extra time or assistance in certain situations.  You can add crucial information about the individual’s needs, such as details on communication preferences, sensory sensitivities, or any specific triggers they may have.

These cards can be printed off and also offer access to our website via the QR code.

For more detail and to access a fully printable version of the autism alert card, please click here.

Spoon Theory  –  How to manage day to day stress, experiences and demands

Spoon theory by Christine Miserandino is a metaphor often used to explain the energy that autistic people have use to navigate daily tasks.  Each “spoon” represents a unit of energy or the ability to cope with day to day demands.  Many autistic individuals often need to invest more energy into tasks that neurotypical individuals may find easier to complete. 

To learn more about this theory, please click here.

Sensory Processing 

We are often asked about sensory processing.  We thought these links may be of help to families who are wanting to learn more about sensory processing and strategies for children and adolescents.

The first link is from  Northumbria NHS children’s occupational therapy service, who have developed a series of three workshop sessions about sensory processing to improve support for children, their families and carers.  Please click the link below.–phge43Q

  • Session 1 – Introduction to sensory processing
  • Session 2 – Exploration of how sensory processing can impact on a day to day basis
  • Session 3 – Strategies, equipment and how to use a problem solving tool at home with your child

The link below is from NHS Children’s Therapy Department in Dorset.  It covers sensory strategies for the older child and adolescents.

Microsoft PowerPoint – OTPSW Module 6 – sensory strategies for the older child and adolescents (

Supporting Families with their Wellbeing

The Team at The Toby Henderson Trust are passionate about supporting all of our families and doing everything that we can to support their mental wellbeing.  We work tirelessly to offer listening ears to so many families whilst delivering our services.  Remember that your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical health.  It’s ok to reach out to friends and family or anyone for support. This isn’t a sign of weakness and there are people that want to help you.
Please know that you can contact us via email or by calling us on 0300 365 3055 if you’d like to speak with us.
It’s good to talk and remember that you aren’t alone. We are here to listen, always.
We have added some contact telephone numbers below of mental health helplines and useful organisations.
MH Orgs YP
MH Orgs Adults

Help with Grounding using Cooks Hook Up Technique

Carolyn Morgan is a Child and Adult Psychotherapist who used to work for The Toby Henderson Trust but still continues to host webinars for our families. Carolyn has most recently become an NVR (Non-Violent Resistance) Practitioner and occasionally hosts a webinar for our families on an “Introduction to Non-Violent Resistance”.  Carolyn often makes refer to the Cooks Hook Up technique which can be used by children and adults to help with grounding.  This is a useful video, why not give this activity a go.