This says it all …

One of our Mini Mates came back to Toby House recently after we had been closed for over 18 months.

We think he spoke for everyone when he told us how excited he was to be finally back at Toby House.

Mini Mates Testimonial
Mini Mates Testimonial Pic

Recent feedback from our new Support Group for Girls with Autism

“This morning’s zoom was great! Being in a place of total acceptance and non judgement is rare for us parents.  Add to that –  understanding and empathy, that the group and yourselves bring.  Best hour I’ve spent this week to be honest”.

“Thank you for all the info and facilitating the support group – it is lovely to see how other people are approaching things and how they are feeling”.

General feedback from our service users:

Excellent support from people we felt really cared about us and X
It’s the best service we have EVER experienced to do with autism. I can’t rate them highly enough.
You are such special people!
You could not measure the impact! Life changing.
You were able to give X the diagnosis I have been asking for since he was a baby. I really appreciated the offer of help for myself to come to terms with it all. The care you give families is outstanding.
Prior to making contact with the trust we had no support at all. This made a massive Impact on us as a family and was invaluable. I do not know where we would be now without their help
Staff are really friendly and supportive. It was easy to ask questions and I got easy to understand advice.
Amazing staff. Thank you for everything. Always smiling and willing to help and understand our circumstances.
The staff at Toby Henderson are amazing!!! Their caring attitude made us feel as ease. X said that he finally feels happy because somebody has listened to him and he can begin to understand himself more. Thank you so much.

Feedback from our service users receiving diagnosis:

We attended workshops at the hub, giving us the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of what being autistic is like for our children. I really appreciate how they work towards making the child’s situation better. Prior to lockdown, I had a mental health wobble. After attending a workshop, Victoria contacted me to ensure I was ok, and offered me psychological support from someone at the trust. I contacted TTHT by email for advice, and had regular communication with Lesley by email and telephone to try and work through some of the food issues. Having someone to speak to who has experience with food avoidance, for both psychological and sensory issues was amazing. Lesley has kept in touch for updates, and it’s nice to know that someone is interested enough to follow up.
“From the first phone call after being referred to the Trust to being seen within months and a fast diagnosis, especially given the fact that we were smack bang in the middle of a global pandemic, our experience has been both professional and relaxed as if we’d been welcomed into a huge family. Questions were answered fast and honestly, fears were set aside, and differences were celebrated. We’ve become part of a huge family, and are treated as members of this family, even post-diagnosis, not just thrown out into the world to fend for ourselves, now that we’d been given confirmation of Samuel’s Autism. Everyone we met from the Trust were friendly, professional and welcoming, we were treated with respect and dignity and were never made to feel like we were ‘just another number’.
I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the support you have given me through this process. I obviously found it stressful but you and your colleagues really alleviated that and made the process manageable for me. It’s obvious you all really care about the work you do which makes a difference.
Lesley, Lynda and the clinicians were very sensitive and helpful throughout, answered all my questions and the entire process was as easy and stress free as it could have been. It felt that they were so understanding and did all they could to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible for both Daniel and us.