Of course we need financial support to deliver the specialist care that is needed for both the children and the families struggling with autism  –  could you help us?

  • Our work with families and individuals affected by autism is very specialised.   If you are a parent who has experienced autism first hand you may be able to help us support other parents, families and carers.
  • You may have family members or friends who you could approach on our behalf to give a small amount monthly to help us generate regular support. We have leaflets that we can give you that provide a simple and safe way of giving regularly.
  • You may work in a company where other employees or indeed your employer may recognise the the excellent and very necessary service we provide by regularly giving a small amount monthly.
  • Your business may be able to support us with by giving a product or service. This could very possibly be something you could offset against tax.
  • Your business activity may bring you in contact with customers and clients that may see benefits in supporting our charity.
  • Through your business or your community you may be able to set up an event or activity aimed at having fun while raising money for The Toby Henderson Trust.
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You can donate quickly and easily, opting for a one off gift of any amount you choose, or a set up a regular donation.