Toby's Magical Garden

Toby’s Magical Garden is now available to hire!

Are you looking for somewhere quiet to visit with the family, away from the crowds?  Why not consider supporting us by hiring Toby’s Magical Garden?  Come and explore our lake view, story telling chairs, water walls and sound sculpture in a calming and enchanting space.  We now also have an outdoor shelter area.

Toby’s Magical Garden is available to hire at £10 for two hours  for a maximum of 8 people.    Due to Covid restrictions we kindly ask that you bring your own toys to use. 

To make your booking, please email or call us on 0300 365 3055.

What families had to say about Toby's Magical Garden

“We visited the toby henderson trust and were lucky enough to spend an hour in Toby’s Magic Garden and that place really is #magical! The garden is designed for children with autism and additional needs and has an abundance of brilliant sensory activities going on. The sun shone, the butterflies flew all around us and it felt like a little secret hideaway only we knew about. I can’t think of a nicer place to have a little ones summer birthday bash or even just a way to fill these looooong summer hols! You can take a picnic and the staff could not be more helpful and enthusiastic about providing a great experience for your little ones”.

“We had a lovely morning in the garden…. sorry he kept interrupting you guys!” 

“Had a lovely time in the Toby garden today” 

“I first went to Toby’s House to hire Toby’s magical garden, it was a lovely welcoming place” 

“Toby’s Magical Garden gave us a safe place to play I could have both boys on my own knowing they both be safe something we can’t do in public as two adults are needed to keep both boys safe.   We could just enjoy play time together exploring the amazing water wall, making music or snuggling on the story chair all with a great view looking over the lake.  A much needed time just to be.  One could be pouring water while building a tower with the other. We even invited friends to keep social interactions over school holiday bubbles where blown picnics enjoyed and the children could be them selves with no one pasting  judgment.  We love Toby’s magic Garden”